t i m e


Time rolls on.

And here we are again. Page 365 of 365. The end of a chapter 17 in the NY Times best-selling book of Life.

Last year I started on the adventure of creating my own blog, and my first post was entitled “New Year, not so New Me”. Boy was I wrong. (Momentary Pause – if you know anything about me, you know I hate to be wrong. And here I am, telling you how wrong I was… this is big people.) But, I aim to stay truthful here & it would simply not be honest of me to claim that I didn’t change and grow in 2017, because I did, and I think you probably did too.

However, I decided about a month ago that I would avoid the cliché of writing another New Years blog this year after having done the same sort of thing last year. But then something happened.

I recently came across a video, very well done by the marketing team for Google. The video is both inspiring and heartbreaking. It shows the happy and sad sides of how the world spun in 2017. From natural disasters, to terrorist’s attacks, to political races, and everything in between. It was truly hard to keep up. We prayed for Vegas, for Puerto Rico, for Mexico, and so many more. We cried and we cheered, we loved and hated. We are all so different, but all asked the same question of “How?”. How do we survive? How do we help? How do we achieve? How do we move forward? The video slowly emerges from the darkness of 2017 to shed a light on the future of tomorrow, and urges us to move forward in 2018 by showing some of the most wonderful parts of 2017 and all we achieved as a nation and world.

https://trends.google.com/trends/yis/2017/US/  – (the link if you want to check out the video)

When I came across this video last week, I had one of those moments. One where I asked myself what did I achieve this year – What happened, good or bad, to me and those around me? What did I do to help? How did I grow and achieve? Did 2017 top 2016, and will 2018 bring even more? I knew what I had to do. I grabbed my notebook from my bedside drawer and started jotting down my ideas, as I often do when inspiration hits. I wrote down names, moments, emotions, and places that all helped to shape my 2017. So here they are –


Here is my 2017.

I started 2017 from Las Vegas, Nevada with my whole family celebrating by my side.

One of my best friends asked me to be her Bridesmaid in her 2018 dream wedding.

I watched in awe as my gorgeous Duck danced the role of Fairy Godmother in her ballet.

I attended my first ever Super Bowl (go Dirty Birds).

Spent my 20th birthday in my most favorite place. (NYC –hello you guys should know this by now)

Went cruising around the Bahamas with my guy. (happy birthday to me???)

Saw Hamilton 3 more times.

Watched my beautiful princess of a big sister marry her dream guy in a magical Disney wedding – seriously one of the best days of my existence.

Won a Basketball & Football Championship with my adpi sistas. <>

Road-tripped & vacationed with da boys.

Attended the TONY Awards, the Tim Tebow Galla, Jingle Ball, two Corey Smith concerts, 15 Broadway shows, the US Open, the Super Bowl & more

Flew to Hawaii for Round 4 with the fam.

Started my Junior Year at the University of Florida. (added a Minor… aka drowned in studying)

Watched the Solar Eclipse. Survived Hurricane Irma.

Got the most perfect Little in the entire world. (to my child – I love you always)

Wrote 6 blogs, 2 guest blogs, & started writing my own novel.

Spent 87% of my time & days with Taylor Walters. My rock. My foodie. My best friend.

Cheered on the Gators… or attempted to (it was a rough year, am I right?)

Celebrated 11/11 with the Hathcock clan in Disney World.

Raised over $1,000 for my heart, Gators March for Babies and March of Dimes.



And I did. I truly lived this year. I feared, I cried, I stressed (boy did I stress), and I tried. It all paid off. Every single one of the challenges thrown my way, every single path God sent me on, and every door that was closed – I survived. I pushed on and achieved. I worked hard, gave it my all, and came out a better person than I was before. I was also SO blessed. So loved. So spoiled. So happy. This year brought me incredible moments of joy, passion, and pure life.

So instead of listing off my new year’s resolutions like I did last year, I have a challenge for you. Go through your “Peak 2017 Moments” like I just previously listed, and jot them down. Hide them in a notebook, in a doc on your computer, or the Notes app on your phone. Write down the new and old people and places, the extravagant events, or the thrilling moments that made 2017 what it was. Don’t let this year pass by and be forgotten. I also encourage you to make a second list, like the one below, including your 2017 Top Ten. Your all-time favorites of 2017, so that one day you can look back at the list and smile and remember. If you haven’t experienced the ones on my list – make it happen in 2018!!!! I’d love for yall to share your lists with me so I can add to mine for next year as well.


As always, thank you for reading & here’s to an awesome, unlike any other 2018. I hope it is filled with everything you hope and dream for and that it tops your 2017. Happy New Year, don’t waste a second.

2017 Top Ten:

  1. Top Book: Come Back to Me by Mila Gray or The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee
  2. Top Movie: Baby Driver, Fifty Shades Darker, & Moana
  3. Top Song: Perfect by Ed Sheeran
  4. Top Album: Dear Evan Hansen cast album
  5. Top Place: New York City or Pandora: Disney’s World of Avatar
  6. Top Netflix Binge: Riverdale or Reign (watch these if you haven’t yet!!!!)
  7. Top Celebs: Lin Manuel Miranda, Ellen DeGeneres, & Serena Williams
  8. Top Hobby: Traveling, taking pictures of my food 😉 , & writing
  9. Top Cravings: queso, anything Buffalo, & sushi bowls
  10. Top Moment: my sister’s Disney Fairytale Wedding


xx Hails

(( keep scrolling for a look at my 2 0 1 7  in pictures ))



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