Here it is.

The highly anticipated & over-the-deliciousness of all things yummy in N Y C.

SO… Quick story behind this blog & lil foodie review of mine – I’ve been obsessing over all things beautiful, rare, & yum when it comes to food for the past few years, which I then to tend to Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. I cannot tell you the amount of times people text, message, or snap me back asking “Where is this?”, “OMG what is that?”, and “Where should I go when I’m in New York City?”. (Guys- I swear this happens at least once a week or so!!!)

& here it is. The answer to all your questions & an easy guide for what to eat & where to get it on your next trip to NYC, or as I call it, the best city in the whole world. So, no more texting me to ask peeps!!!!! JK JK! But forreal use this, okay? Okay.


( MY TOP SNACKS & SIPS, EATS & TREATS IN NEW YORK CITY … in no particular order, because I seriously love them all )



Don’t let the name scare you, because it sounds like a scam to give your restaurant a title including “quality” or “good” or “best”, but I swear this restaurant is the absolute farthest thing from a scam. The chicken parmesan is not your grandma’s chicken parm, but instead, cooked into the shape of a pizza and cut into slices. Served best topped with a little honey, this chicken parm pizza will be your favorite appetizer on your whole trip. Another must try at Quality is the cream corn brulee, a deliciously sweet twist on the southern favorite, cream corn. Order it as a side, share it with your family, or eat it all yourself – I don’t care, just make it a top priority!!



Shake Shack Burger Bar does all things burgers, fries, & of course, shakes. This is no ordinary drive thru, fast food meal though. It’ll be your new guilty pleasure and your favorite craving (definitely a number one favorite of my older sister & I) There are like six of these babies around the city, but for the shortest line head to the one in Grand Central Station or for the best outdoor view, head to the one featured in some of your favorite movies on Madison Ave. Grab a cheese fry and your favorite flavor milkshake & call it a day!



If you’ve never heard of Serendipity’s famous frozen hot chocolate than 1- you’re living under a rock & 2- boy do you need this nyc food guide!!!!! Serendipity frozen hot chocolate is both the most famous and delicious frozen hot chocolate in the world, and the colorful, sweet vibes in Serendipity will not disappoint. The appetizers and food are all HUGE so make sure to take the fam or a big appetite and dig in!



Okay, so I know I said no particular order, but if I put these in order based on my personal preferences, you know Nobu would be at the top of the list. My absolute favorite food in the world comes from Nobu’s multiple restaurants, but my preferred one to dine at is definitely the one in New York City. The Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna appetizer can truly not be beat, and my family tends to fight over who gets the last one (they’re that good!!!). Any sushi there will blow your mind, the Black Cod is like the fish version of cotton candy???, and the new style wagyu beef will keep you coming back for more. Nobu NY – 10/10 would recommend.



So, if you’re taste include a wide spread, delicious pallet of all things sushi – Hai Street Kitchen is the place for you. Nothing like the last restaurant listed, Hai Street Kitchen Co. is a food stand right in the central of Time Square. Running to a show? Shopping around? Grab a quick sushi burrito from Hai Street and you will not be disappointed! My favorite was the Spicy Tuna poke burrito… I even added fried chicken to it – WHAT!!! Seriously guys, so good & so trendy. (Pokeworks also makes AMAZING sushirritos)



Next up is Nello which heads us back to the more elegant side of fine-dining in the city & is a personal favorite of my lovely mother. Nello is truly some of the most authentic and best Italian food I’ve ever had, literally tastes and feels like I’m back in Rome!!! All courses are AMAZING, and the wine is to die for. Some of our family favorite dishes are the Black Truffle Angel Air, Chicken Noodle Soup, Pasta Carbonara, and end the night with an unbeatable Napoleon dessert. This Italian dine gives you amazing food, the best atmosphere, and a venue you’ll want to return to time and time again.



To feel like a true New Yorker, head to Brooklyn Diner on 57th street. This cute location gives you the vibes of a traditional diner with the amazing taste of American dining. Make sure to grab some jumbo Pigs n a Blanket as an appetizer & maybe even a yummy Matzah Ball Soup. Enjoy dining like a city girl or guy and grab a Chocolate Egg Crème to sip on, actually one of my most favorites ever!! For your meal, I recommend the enormous Chicken Pot Pie, this thing is massive, or the Chicken Parm. This meal will not disappoint & give you some tasty comfort foods.



Grab your iPhones and start snapchatting – this adorable coffee counter makes the cutest UNICORN COFFEES. Located at the bottom of American Eagle in Time Square, this dive will satisfy all your caffeine needs & give you a sweet drink to add to your Instagram! My personal favorite is the Unicorn Iced Vanilla Coffee in hot pink, but if pink isn’t you – don’t worry!! You get to choose your own color and watch them top it with glitter, colored marshmallows, and sprinkles! Yum!!!



Mastro’s Steakhouse was a new discover of our family, and one that we can simply not get enough of! This elegant dine is a mix of both modern cuisine and traditional steakhouse – and it offers live music & exquisite service! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so full in my life until after I ate my first Mastro’s meal. We order tons of Tuna Sashimi and Tuna Sushi Rolls as appetizers, and the bread is simply incredible so make sure to enjoy a piece before you start filling up. Then comes your entrée – EVERYTHING IS GOOD! How is this possible you may ask? It took me forever to decide because they offer a wide range of entrees that are all delicious. I stuck with the Filet with a warm truffle butter & tasted a bite of my boyfriend’s yummy Seared Ahi, so good! Don’t forget the sides— order all your cravings as sides and do them family style to share! We enjoyed the cream corn, scalloped potatoes, gnocchi, and sugar snap peas the most! The Butter Cake is for sure the tastiest dessert, but like I said, everything on the menu is SO. FREAKIN. GOOD.



Okay so yes, I’m aware that I say all of these are my favorite ever, BUT if you can’t tell by the name, this find brings Disney + food together (aka two of my favorite things!!!). And if that’s not enough to win you over, the whole café is themed to fit Alice in Wonderland, my favorite Disney movie – say what!!! No, but in all seriousness, this restaurant/café will give you the quality of New York food while feeling like you’re in Disney World riding Alice’s teacups. The food options range from all things breakfast, lunch, to brunch &the coffee and tea selections are never ending. I always go with the ham and cheese scone, but all of the scones are to die for. Don’t fill up on entrees and tea though, because you won’t want to miss out on their delicious desserts. There are three different locations in the city, and they hardly ever have a wait. So grab your imagination & pick your favorite scone flavor and some tea to drink – you’ll absolutely love this place, hopefully as much as I do!



One of our more recent dining fines is the amazing, Fred’s restaurant, located on one of the upper floors of Barneys department store. This last month when we were in the city, I experienced Fred’s for the first time, and simply loved the atmosphere and every course. We decided to have New Year’s Eve brunch there, and everything from the view, to the coffee, to the true New Yorker-vibe you get from eating at the top of Barney’s was enough to win me over. I highly recommend ordering the Bagel Basket to share as an appetizer, because the bagels are both amazing and homemade fresh. All of the dishes were delicious, and the pasta dishes were exquisite. Fred’s was my inner-New Yorker’s dream come true.



Yes, you read that right, your inner child is screaming, because if you’re anything like me you’re immediately thinking… “Hi, I’m Eloise. I’m six. And I live at the tippy top of the Plaza Hotel.” SAME. Well, the Plaza Hotel has a lobby café offering afternoon tea on specific days for limited hours, but it is everything! My sister and I fangirled at an Eloise-themed tea at the Plaza Hotel one summer afternoon, where we enjoyed pink tea, pink lemonade, finger sandwiches, mini desserts, and even cotton candy. If you’re more of a traditional-tea drinker, there are plenty of options on teas, drinks, and snacks for you to choose from. Still hungry after your tea? Head downstairs to the hidden treasure that is the Plaza Food Hall. This market-styled food hall is a feast for the eyes and will make it IMPOSSIBLE to choose from just one quick-stand. The food is all easy and fast, and most importantly, delicious. A vast variety from frozen yogurt, baked goods and macarons, pastas, crepes, sushi, or lobster rolls? Head to this downstairs secret for complete food satisfaction.



Again, a personal favorite of mine is the delectably sweet and cute cupcakes and baked goods of Magnolia Bakery. Magnolia Bakery is the most famous and well-known cupcakery in New York City, and my absolute favorite cupcake in the world. The cupcakes range in their famous flavors of Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Carrot, Strawberry, and then more seasonal fun favorites from time to time. The icing on top is unbelievably rich and they are topped with the cutest flowers, sprinkles, and various decorations. I love these babies so much that I even made my mom order my 20th birthday cake from Magnolia Bakery… yes, I am a diva & yes, it was delicious. Head to one of their multiple locations & grab one, or two, or twelve.



Lavo offers both the elegant, modern class of 58th street NYC during the day, and later at night, the clubby feel of a New York dance party. Lavo’s unique dining is tasteful and exclusive, attracting people from far and wide. Our family stays nearby on our trips to the city, so Lavo is always a must-do on our list. Lavo offers incredible starters, get the Meatball because it’s massively shareable for the whole fam. The truffle gnocchi is to die for, along with all the entrees listed on their menu. But, an absolute must for Lavo, is to SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT. Listen to me on this one, because you will not want to miss the Fried Oreo platter, the Chocolate-Peanut Butter layer cake, and all the other mouthwatering dessert options. Want to have some fun after dinner and dessert? Lavo offers an exclusive night club downstairs on certain weekdays, so go burn those fried Oreo calories off on the dance floor.



And here it is, the famous and delicious Sarabeth’s. All my Gossip Girl fans listen up, because Sarabeth’s is a favorite of Blair and Serena, which means it has to be great, right? Right! I’ve attended brunch at Sarabeth’s Central Park more than a few times, and every single time I fall more and more in love. With a great view of Central Park, yummy mimosas, and an superb brunch menu, you will never be disappointed… and maybe even feel like a true Upper-East Sider??? The Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are an absolute must, and the Eggs Benedict is a yummy taste on a classic brunch item. Not up for a breakfast pallet? Try the lunch side instead with the Steak & Truffle Fries. Sarabeth’s is a high-traffic spot for celebs, has an insta-worthy atmosphere and view, and some truly mind-blowing food.



Last, but certainly not least is the delicious, one of a kind, Blacktap Burger Bar. Known for their famous, monster shakes, Blacktap is so sweet and picture-perfect. Seriously, you’ll take like thirty pictures of these shakes. My favorite shake has to be the BAM BAM shake, a fruity pebbles flavored masterpiece. Pick your favorite or maybe even order a few to share, they are so worth it! The food at Blacktap comes in a close second to the shakes with huge, mouthwatering burgers and crispy fries. Try the truffle aioli sauce with your fries and add a fried egg to the top of your burger. You’ll be so full when you leave here, you might have to head back to the room for a nap! Prepare for a line to get inside, but it’s 100% worth the wait.


Guys!!!! After all your texts, calls, messages & questions – here it is. I hope this fulfilled all your New York dining questions and dreams & that next time you’re dining in my favorite city, you’ll take me up one these excellent choices. Tag me in your pics, leave me a comment, or shoot me a message & give me all of your opinions and other restaurant loves in NYC. I love you all!!!!

Want to see more? Head to @hailstravels to keep up with my latest adventures & foodie finds.

As always,


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