Year of Love

Last year, I wrote a blog about being “Happier” in 2019. After the hardest year of my life in 2018, I was determined to enter the new year with a new mindset of finding the best in things and being thankful for what I did have instead of what was missing or taken away. This was not an easy task, and definitely did not always happen, but when it did, I felt it. I felt happier. 


This year I graduated from my dream college (go gators), moved to New York City all on my own, started a new job, GOT ENGAGED, traveled the country like crazy, moved into our first house, started wedding planning, and was just, happier. 2019 was the better than anything I could have expected it to be, and definitely my best year yet. But I think 2020 might beat it…


As a family, I consider 2019 to be our bounce-back year. We all struggled, we hurt, we cried, and then we began the climb over the tedious mountain to be happy again. We spent time together, traveled together, Gator-football’d together, and loved together. We learned how to be there for eachother, we learned forgiveness, and we learned the importance of family.


Although I do consider 2019 to be my favorite year yet, I only got to have one of my favorite people be apart of it for a short four months. In April of this year, we said goodbye to our beloved Grandpa George. Sometimes I look at 2019 and feel guilty for having the best year of my life when one of the worst days of my life occurred in its duration, but then I realized one thing.  We suffered an unbearable loss and pain in losing my Grandpa, and my hero, to gain Heaven’s best guardian angel. We had to say goodbye to someone who lived a fulfilled, happy, strong life of 92 years that any man would envy. He was a war hero, courageous veteran, patient husband, loving father, dedicated grandfather, and even a great grandfather to our Emerson. He was simply the best of the best. And his life and legacy mirrored that. So I finally stopped feeling guilty for living my life to the fullest after he lost his, because I know that’s exactly what he would tell me to do. On April 25th I gained my guardian angel, and I have a feeling he played a big part in why the rest of my year panned out the way it did.


On May 5th I graduated college.


On May 28th I moved to New York City.


On July 5th I got engaged.


On August 5th I started my new job.


On August 24th we moved into our first home.


Every event that made up the best year of my life came after April 25th, the worst day of my life. Life showed me that after tragedy, it continues to bloom and prosper. You just have to keep going. I gained so many blessings this year that made my heart full again… and I think that has a lot to do with my special angel that I know has been watching over me and on my side since the day he left us. 


In 2019, I learned the value of not only the ones around me, but of myself. I learned how to be a better person and be a better version of myself. I watched my sister become an amazing mom and my younger sister grow in strength and independence; they both teach me so much. I get to learn from my brother and dad on a daily basis, gaining more than just work experience but experience I’ll carry for life. I watched my mom start the process of healing and stepping even more into the role of the Queen she is. I get to spend more time with my family and my friends that mean the most to me. This year my friends have shown me more support and love then I have ever seen or known. From funerals to graduation, to birthday pink sushi parties, engagements, showers and more. Their love showed no bounds and they were always there for me when I needed them, or even at the times when I may not have realized I needed them. Kyle and I got to ask our best friends to stand next to us on the biggest day of our lives next year. I got to love on my perfect niece and watch her grow and become her own (sassy & spectacular) person. I spent infinite amounts of time cuddling with my dogs and cooking HelloFresh meals with Kyle in our new home. I learn more about my new fiance everyday, and after six years together, I didn’t realize it was possible. I learn how much he loves me and how much our love grows daily. I am so blessed to have spent 2019 with Kyle by my side. I can’t wait to marry you next year.Thanks to him, my 2019 was my most memorable and favorite year yet. 

I learned how loved I am. And in return, I learned how to love harder and better than ever before. I think 2020 is my year of love. 


Last year I vowed to be happier and do whatever it took to get to that point. Well 12 months later, I’m here, I did it. I’m happier, and I’m going to continue to pursue happiness for the rest of my life. But this year I’m changing it up. I’m going to love more, love harder, be intentional with my love, and let it have no bounds. I want everyone in my life to feel that they are loved and that they are important, because they are. I want to love what I’m doing, where I’m going, my work, my people, my life, and mostly myself. Putting love into everything I do this year will help me to become a more positive and giving version of myself, something I think everyone would benefit from. 2020 is my year of love, my year of me & Kyle, my year of putting my friends and family first in a selfless love, my year of positivity and freedom, my year of finding myself on a deeper level and loving her, my year of MY WEDDING (wtf how is this real), my year of love. 

In Chrysalis we learn the word agape – the highest form of unconditional love.

May all of your 2020’s be filled with agape and may you show it to the world in return.

Here’s to a year of love. 2020, let’s do this thing.


Song to define my 2019: I Wish Grandpas Never Died

                                            Magic in the Hamptons

Song to define my 2020: Came Here for Love


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(The following list was a hit in 2017, and actually inspired some my friends & family to create one of their own – do it, it’s super fun & reflective! send them to me or the ones you love)


2019 Top Ten: 

  1. Top Book: Royals series by Erin Watt / Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll
  2. Top Movie: The Art of Racing in the Rain / Frozen 2 / Booksmart
  3. Top Song: Georgia by Vance Joy / 7 Rings by Ariana Grande
  4. Top Album: Lover by Taylor Swift / Moulin Rouge Cast Album
  5. Top Place: The Hamptons
  6. Top TV Show Binge: Euphoria / The Society
  7. Top Celebs: Cole Sprouse & Sydney Sweeney
  8. Top Hobby: vlogging (hate myself for that) or reading
  9. Top Yums: daily Starbucks coffee / charcuterie boards
  10. Top Moment: July 5th 2019 – WE’RE ENGAGED

this year I started a vlog that shows WAY TOO much into my life but I have fun doing it (& tend to post there more frequently) – use the link below to subscribe & follow along in 2020 🙂

xx Hails


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